Full Customer Lifecycle

Ideal loyalty programs affect all parts of the customer lifecycle. Most often loyalty is thought of as just that, loyalty, presuming you already have the customer.

But loyalty programs can be so much more.

Designed right loyalty programs can not only drive cross-sell, up-sell, and retention. They can also drive incredible evangelism, acquisition, and even powerful feedback loops and materials cost savings.

Functional Framework

Creating an optimal program means melding a variety of harmonious business decisions including core components such as brand or economics to more forward-looking decisions including technology and partnership models. The result: a truly differentiated loyalty program designed to elevate your business and possibly even revolutionize it.

Raw Components
Starting with brand and economics, we take a top-down approach to lay the foundation of your program. The result: the architecture of how loyalty fits perfectly into your overall business and just how far we can take it.
Web2 To Web3
With the rise of Web3 over the past several years comes new opportunity. Tokenization, smart contracts, incentive-aligned communities, and other innovations all allow new pathways for innovation. This decision is also not binary contrary to common belief. There's a spectrum here: one that allows you to carve the future of your business, elevate brand halo, and drive unparalled loyalty.
Proprietary To Coalition
Partnership model is always a key consideration of loyalty (and all of marketing). These models often vary and and often even tie to trajectory and roadmaps. However, it's equally an important decision to directionally solve early, laying the foundation for the program's economics, acquisition, brand, marketing, and beyond.

OUR 5 Pillars


Unparalleled Creativity

An unshackeled imagination for what can be, driven by an interest to delight customers in a long-term manner. our Innovation process thinks outside of the current state to ideate towards the differentiated, leveraging our pulse on the current world with our own creativity frameworks.


Pragmatic Design

Working in conjunction with our creativity; we meld the ideal with the forward-looking feasible, to bring a sustainable differentiated program to life all while limiting ‘Sacrfice.’ this mindset enables us to turn loyalty not just into an ancillary tool, but a leading asset (or the asset) for your business.


Obsessive Customer-centricity

Our user experience (UX) process takes a wider lens; thinking through the wider journey and interactions of your customer beyond just loyalty. further, our programs ignite A greater sense of ownership and community, leaning into cognitive dissonance, personal brand-alignment, and delight. the result of this is an invested, enthusiastic customer (and partner), interested in a longer-term brand relationship.


Grounded Economics

Ultimately our programs have to be economically feasible will driving value to the bottom-line. We feel this is never, nor should it be zero-sum with the customer. customers are the lifeblood of business and we’re skilled at designing many win-win ways of engagement. the result: both parties, together, feel like their pie is expanding, like their cup is being filled.


Methodical, Agile, Process

Through all of the above, we carry very linear process to ensure the overall program optimally reconciles. top-down and macro structuring, linear thinking and scenario planning all factor into our decision-making.the result? a financial, marketing, operations, product, risk (and overall) team all fully bought into the vision and process.

& Condition

Pavlovs service model is designed for ongoing partnership of all stage businesses.

(Caution: Our partnership outcomes may cause your internal team to drool as well).